The Hands On Foundation


The Hands-On Foundation for International Entrepreneurial Cooperation has a simple and clear goal:

Promote and assist small-scale entrepreneurial initiatives in developing economies in Africa, Asia, and South America.

The Hands-On Foundation believes strongly that new entrepreneurial initiatives create value and improve living conditions not just for the entrepreneurs, but also for their families, employees, local community and even their country as a whole.


The Hands-On Foundation has a preference for projects with a technical component: either the product or service provided has a technological background or the entrepreneur makes smart use of a certain technology or technique. Any field of technology is eligible, however, the Hands-On’s contributions are most valuable in domains of electronics, electrical engineering, and information technology. This does not necessarily imply that the projects eligible have to be high-tech in nature. On the contrary, quite often the most successful projects are based on the smart use of simple technologies. The projects need to be small enough for Hands-On to be able to make a difference. Projects can include the founding of a new company, as well as new initiatives in an existing company.


Key to any entrepreneurial initiative is the entrepreneur or a team of entrepreneurs. Without their energy, commitment, smartness and drive no enterprise will thrive. Hands-On thinks it is important to get to know the entrepreneurs and to maintain a close relationship during the project.


The cooperation can take on various forms, but usually consists of the following elements:

  1. Technological assistance: advice and support through technical partners;
  2. Networking: access to network of businesses in Europe;
  3. Coaching: assistance in business planning and management, and
  4. Financial support: loans, bank guarantees, equity stakes or gifts.


A Netherlands entrepreneur who created a successful design and production company of microprocessor-geared electronics founded Hands-On to share his business insight and experience with entrepreneurs in developing countries.


Hands-On for International Entrepreneurial Exchange
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